[Histonet] Sakura glas coverslipper and mounting media types

Cathy Crumpton cathy.crumpton <@t> tuality.org
Thu Sep 13 11:58:40 CDT 2012

For those with the Sakura Glas coverslippers, what type of mounting media are you using in these?  Sakura recommends only their brand of course, but I want something that dries faster.  We do not have excess mounting media on the outside of our slides, but after being in the oven for three days we had several slides sticking.  It looked like the mounting media slipped down the slide to pool at the bottom and stick.  I am thinking their media is too viscous.  If I turn the amount down on the machine any further we end up with not enough media on the slides and get large air pockets after just a few days of storage.  BTW the oven is at 40 degrees and isn't boiling hot to dry the slides.

Cathy Crumpton HT(ASCP), Lead Histotechnician

Tuality Community Hospital


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