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I think its safe to say I have never seen a 5 year tech make $40 a hour ( in a hospital or privatly ). And I think its rude to post my comment back on the forum when I sent it to you privatly. 
I would be interested if all the other managers out there could please direct us all to the $40 a hour jobs that only require 5 years of experiance. 
Everybody wants to raise our worth and pay rate. But lets be honest. 

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Thanks for your response and the others as well. I don't really think it's a lol situation here. I've seen uncertified professionals with good work ethic and quality results get mid 20s easy. While they may provide a guide for lab managers to refer to, thank God NSH doesn't set pay rates. 

This is interesting though, as it substantiates the feeling a lot of Histo professionals have that their work contribution is not only under appreciated but unappreciated considering the effect a quality slide has on diagnosing a serious disease.

I believe a sharp individual who knows his/her skills and can demonstrate them effectively can negotiate higher pay.

It seems hospitals pay less than a private lab would and over ten years successful experience should definitely garner well over 30. They question is whether they are strong enough to demand it via negotiation.

Kim, what part of the country are you and what type of institution have you had the most exposure to? Again Thanks for your response.

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> Low to mid 20's. Anything over mid 20' s should be 10 yrs and up in my opinion and from what I've seen. And that person that said 40$ a hour lol. I'd like to see that job 
> Also I think nsh has a salary scale you might could look up. Good luck 
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>> I hope I get some honest answers out there so here goes,
>> Variables are:
>> 5yr professionals both HT and non-cert with equal capabilities.
>> And assuming routine histo duties (embedding, cutting, etc maybe light grossing) and for kicks lets say primarily working with animal tissue,
>> Based on your personal experience, where can these individuals expect to max out as far as hourly pay? Sure, we know it could vary based on institution and location but there definitely is a ceiling. Or alternatively, what WON'T you pay this person regardless of experience.
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