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I would say also bad management in my opinion. 

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It can definately be a sad situation. I know you are correct in your description in many cases. I wish I knew what I could personally do to impact this. 

Joelle Weaver MAOM, HTL (ASCP) QIHC
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> As I asked before, do your pathologists have any input into any of this?
> About embedding: I heard of a recently trained pathologist who, asked
> about an embedding problem, replied, "What's embedding?"
> We spend thousands of dollars on a bronchoscopy or an EGD to get a
> tiny bit of tissue that contains a life-changing diagnosis. The
> specimen comes to the pathology lab and is grossed by a prosector who
> isn't allowed an embedding sheet. The embedder has no idea how many
> bits of tissue to look for. Then the microtomist is expected to cut 50
> blocks an hour. Then the pathologist has to make a diagnosis on a
> venetian-blind section.
> Good Management I'm sure. Bad medicine.
> Bob Richmond
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