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I think you normally use ATPase at different pH's, which is an enzyme stain, to differentiate muscle fibers.

At pH 10.2 it would stain Type I fibers light and then Type II Fibers dark  (all types IIa, IIb and IIc) the other pH's stratify out the type II fibers.


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Dear all,

Its been a while i asked for a doubt to all histology experts around US, but i have not been able to get much reply (only 1 :(). I thought my doubt/e mail might have been missed by some, so sending it again.

I would really appreciate if anybody could guide me in my problem.

Hope to hear people's advices this time.


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> Subject: MIXED fiber type identification by Immunohistochemistry
> Greetings to all,
> In immunohistochemistry, I am encountering confusion in designating muscle fibers (based on staining color intensity) to a particular fiber type.
> This problem is particularly bothersome when i encounter the fibers stained with 2 different colors, one color has good intensity while other seems to be of light intensity. I don't have any criterion whether to consider this light staining as actual staining, which would classify the fibers as MIXED fibers or should i consider this light staining as background/non specific staining in which case the fibers will be classified as PURE fibers.
> Does anybody can suggest any criterion/tips they have been using to identify muscle fiber type as correctly as possible? I can understand that identifying MIXED fibers is subjective in immunohistochemistry, but it would be of immense help if i could get to know of any objective suggestions.
> Animal= spinal cord injured Rat
> Muscle = Soleus
> Section Thickness = 10µm
> I will really appreciate the help!
> Thanks, hope to hear from ppl soon!
> AR


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