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You're making me hungry Tresa.  I bet that skillet makes a killer batch
of hash browns.

>>> "Goins, Tresa" <TGoins <@t> mt.gov> 10/10/2012 12:53 PM >>>
I knew I might catch some grief for not cleaning our molds for five
years, but my workplace is clean and organized.

Some things just work better without being cleaned with soap and water
- I have a fifteen year old cast iron skillet that is as non-stick as
Teflon due to a natural patina - maybe the paraffin blocks easy release
from my "un-clean molds* works for the same reason.


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We clean molds every day.  My preferred method is heated water to melt
the paraffin off, then allow to cool.  Peel the paraffin from the
surface of the water, remove the molds from the water, then dunk them
about 10 times in a mixture of alcohol and mold release.  Allow to air
dry or dry in a low temp oven.

In my experience, molds that aren't cleaned on a regular basis make it
very difficult to remove the embedded cassettes even if very, very cold.
 It's easier for me if my workspace and tools are clean and organized.

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