[Histonet] Flourescent mounting medium- PLEASE HELP!!!

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Mon Oct 8 09:20:07 CDT 2012

I have no experience with this particular mounting medium, but from what I gather it is like any other aqueous mounting medium. You should blot your slides to remove as much water as possible, without letting your sections dry. Then apply a small amount of mounting medium to the slide or coverslip (depending on preference) and mount.
Apparently it solidifies at the edge, so no need to seal with nail polish.

If your bottle has solidified to the point where it is a gel instead of a viscous liquid, you can toss it. (unless the datasheet specifies otherwise...)


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Hi Histonet

In our lab, we are trying to mount our flourescent stained sections with polyvinyl alcohol mounting medium with DABCO. WE are unsure if it is to be mounted while the sections are wet or do we let me air dry.

Another question is... How to actually use it. It looks to be a little solidified. Kind of like jello. Is this normal? do I dilute it?  Please Please Help!

I remain yours truely,

Candice Camille
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