[Histonet] Re: Reliable... Hi Bill (William DeSalvo), Let's try this: A Newbie's Guide to Histonet

Marvin Hanna mhanna <@t> histosearch.com
Wed Oct 3 02:16:05 CDT 2012

Hi Histocare and any other relatively new people to Histonet,

First, hello from Bill and I in beautiful Vancouver and NSH where many 
histologists are enjoying old friends and making new friends from around 
the world. Let's remember histology is still a pretty small field in the 
US with about 25,000 histologists working in about 7,000 labs, plus more 
and more working in research labs and companies. Over a career, you're 
likely to meet many of them if you come to enough NSHs. For those of us 
who have been on Histonet since the beginning (1996?), we would like to 
remind others of the facts of Histonet:

The Histonet listserver is an email listserver for the histology 
profession that is managed by Dr. Margraf and Dr. Cope-Yokoyama and is 
run on computers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. 
University policies prohibit advertising, but do allow posting of jobs, 
probably so everybody can dream about being a histologist in some 
distant place. There are even some temp positions and jobs wanted emails 
posted every now and then.

Histocare, your first posting was no problem and we enjoy seeing all the 
ways histologists use to market their talents. Three posts in one week 
is a little redundant. We got it the first time.

Companies (Vendors) are permitted to post in response to problems of 
labs when they have something positive to contribute. Histonet currently 
has more than 4000 members from throughout the world, with many 
thousands more who keep up with it through the archives. The archives 
have over 30,000 visits a month from over 50 different countries.

We all want to read questions and answers about problems in histology. 
Many of us remember before Histonet when labs had to actually solve 
their problems by themselves. Now over 30,000 times a month a histology 
problem is solved by one of the eloquent answers of contributors to 

And Histocare, you can be anonymous on Histonet if you like, but you 
might want to search the archives for others opinions on it. It has been 
discussed previously. And when you have a website, you can't be 
anonymous, because I was able to do a whois search and get your name and 
address. I would recommend using your name and credentials proudly.

So, let's get back to solving histology problems on Histonet and leave 
Dr. Margraf and Dr. Cope-Yokoyama alone. They have patients and stuff 
they're working on. Just remember to treat others in your profession 
with respect on Histonet. You just might meet them one day at NSH. And 
remember to think twice (or three times) before hitting the send button 
with a negative message. Thousands of us really don't want to hear it.

Histonet welcomes all histology questions and a vast majority of the 
participants think if you don't know the answer, it's not a dumb 
question, so feel free to ask. Those that don't think so will flame you 
mercilessly off list for posting, but I recommend you ignore them.

A little research in the archives shows me that 94% of the time an email 
war breaks out on Histonet, testosterone is involved...


Marvin Hanna
webmaster <@t> histosearch.com

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