[Histonet] eosin on processor

Steve McClain SteveM <@t> mcclainlab.com
Wed Nov 28 09:43:46 CST 2012

Eosin on processor can be done with dirty eosin waste saved from the stainer;
adding eosin powder sounds like a mess.

Especially helpful for orienting small samples with a sidedness, skin GI GU oral, cornea
No common down sides for routine HE, PAS, Trichrome, or IHC even with Red chromagens.
We leave it off of our research processors, just in case
Eosin conflicts with a few obscure
extraordinary stains with pale staining, e.g., Acridine Orange
or some fluorochromes (fluoroscein),
however, given variety of fluorochromes available, use another for your signal
and for those others eosin provides a roadmap to navigate the section.

Eosin can be made to stain several fungal structures.

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