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We can all see sour grapes about the election by simply turning on any news channel.  Histonet should stay free of those entanglements and remain focused on discussion and problem solving.

My opinion.
Glen Dawson
Janesville, WI 

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Hmmm...I think more people should have paid attention to Obamacare two years ago when it was being shoved down eveyones throat. Oh well.. as old saying goes..."You ain't seen nottin' yet"! I'm just amazed that there are so many in the profession who are surprised about the changes beginning to take place, there are many, many more to come in 2013 & 14 and all of them affect your job or lack thereof. :)
Everyone had the opportunity to change things on November 6th - they chose not to. So, you live with it.

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While this stinks on many levels, I have to take issue with the "shift
wealth from specialists to family practice" - family practice docs
have been the frontline of medicine, all the while earning less than a
quarter of what specialists earn. It's about time they get a boost.
Too many specialists earn over a million a year, while the family
practice guys/ladies can barely pay their student loans.

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> CAP had a webinar last week about the cut. These are some very scary times. For some reason the government has decided to shift wealth from specialists to family practice. I am becoming more angry with the affordable care act everyday.
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