[Histonet] Help! Liver mistakenly processed in paraffin (had to be in OCT instead)!

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Tue Nov 13 10:52:12 CST 2012

Hello Histonetters,

First time writer, long time reader. I'm a newbie tech in academia and I
was given a simple task which I think I pretty much screwed up.

I should have embedded half of a mouse liver in paraffin for microtome
sectioning while the other half should have been embedded in OCT for
cryosectioning (for oil red o). I made the mistake last night of placing
both liver halves into the tissue processor. The liver I intended for OCT
embedding is now hard as wax. Is there any way to deparaffinize processed
organs and may I embed them in OCT for proper cryosectioning? I imagine
that the liver would get dehydrated, I would get crappy sections, and Oil
Red O won't work.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you so much,

Zoe W.

"It costs nothing to say something kind. Even less to shut up altogether."

    --Nathan Fillion

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