[Histonet] Collagen fragmentation in skin sections after heat retrieval

Sally Price sprice2003 <@t> gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 19:46:05 CST 2012

Our lab has been experiencing a problem recently and we could use some
input on what might be causing it and what we might be able to do to
prevent it.  The issue is a very noticeable fragmentation of the dermal
collagen within most skin specimens, which isn't visible after H&E
staining, but is after heat-retrieval.  We think our retrieval is pretty
gentle: It's performed in a veggie steamer (approx. 92oC) for 40 min,
followed by 15 min colloing on the countertop before rinsing.  We've tried
a variety of charged slides to see if the collagen holds on better, but it
doesn't.  We think our processing is pretty routine as well.  If it will
help, I can send a photo of this phenomenon to anyone who's interested.

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