[Histonet] RE: recommended ICC protocol for use of Conjugated mouse antibodies with unconjugated mouse antibodies

Frances Elizabeth Barron fbarron <@t> stanford.edu
Wed Nov 7 13:43:30 CST 2012

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I have two antibodies in the lab that I would like to use together for ICC. One is a mouse anti-human pre-conjugated antibody, the other is a mouse anti-human unconjugated antibody. My question is....how to get these guys to play nice with one another or should I not be worrying about it? 

My thought is that I have to do this sequentially, (stain first with the unconjugated, stain with the secondary, then stain with the pre-conjugated antibody?). However, I'm questioning whether or not this is necessary. Would the mouse secondary react to a conjugated antibody? Does the process of conjugating hide the secondary epitope?

I have had bad luck with loosing substantial signal from the first round of primary/secondary antibody staining in a sequential staining, so I'm loathe to do it (appreciate any advice on that issue if you have it!). I can find one of the antibodies raised in another animal, but it isn't validated in human or ICC (just predicted to work). Just trying to see if I can use what I have before I go out and buy another antibody that may or may not work.

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