[Histonet] Looking for a recruiter to work with me!

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Hi Paula and fellow histonetters!
Please allow me to put my 2 cents in on this conversation.  
The most important thing I want to say to you is please don't shoot the
Secondly, if a recruiter or anyone in a professional setting is asked for
help and responds by laughing, me personally I would run screaming.  As a
matter of fact can you think of any situation where it would be an
appropriate response to laugh when someone asks for help of any kind?  
That being said, This economy has changed the rules for EVERYBODY.  If you
had contacted me or any histology recruiter anytime prior to the fall of
2008 you probably would have gotten a job since you have kept up your ascp
license, certification, registry, whichever you prefer.   Now, a lot of
employers have the policy that if you have not worked in the last 12 months
they don't want to see your resume - from a recruiter.  This directive is
coming from lab managers and histology managers not HR.  When an employer
engages a recruiter today they expect that they are paying a fee to the
recruiter for someone who can come in and hit the ground running.  Usually
they are short staffed and don't have the time to retrain or wait for
someone to get up to speed.  Especially if they are paying a fee for that
person.  Your best bet is to apply to jobs directly.  Unfortunately that
won't be easy either since their first priority regardless of whether there
is a fee involved is to get someone who has recent experience and in this
economy you are competing with experienced techs and new graduates of
histology schools.  My advice to you Paula is to look on your own and even
apply for histology lab assistant positions just to get your foot in the
door.  Don't give up.  Things are finally starting to pick up.    Thanks-Pam

Thank You!
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I am looking for a recruiter to work with me in getting back into the field
of histology. I have been out a long time but I know I can re-learn. I have
an A.A. in histotechnology and I am HT certified.

I need a recruiter that won't laugh at me (it happened in the past) and that
will answer my emails. I am in Raleigh, North Carolina. I had one person
totally interested but when he realized I was not a new graduate he wanted
to get off the phone as fast as possible.

I am willing to work at this, take a class or whatever, buy new textbooks
and refresh my knowledge. There is no school nearby for me to re-take a
clinical, or I would do it.


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