[Histonet] Sequenza units for manual immunohistochemistry

Keri Colwell Keri.Colwell <@t> inspection.gc.ca
Wed Jun 6 12:23:29 CDT 2012

Hello Histonet,

I'm just wondering if anyone out there is using these units for their
manual staining, and if anyone has ever given any consideration to what
happens when you have a large volume of reagent "waste" in the bottom
from all your additions and washes.  Since the units draw reagents
through with capillary action, what do you think happens when the bottom
of the slide/coverplate combo is immersed in the cocktail that is
created in the bottom.

Has anyone had any issues using these units?  How do people prevent a
large volume from building up in the bottom?  How are people cleaning
their coverplates and the units themselves?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


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