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 A comment on why we have techs cut on an interview-

How do you pick the BEST fit in the 60 minute interview?  The more information you gather, the more likely you'll hire the best fit.  Most of human communication is non-verbal.  Watching a potential new hire gives you SO MUCH non-verbal information in addition to validating that they know their way around a microtome.

The cost of mis-hiring is ASTRONOMICAL.  40% of companies polled say a bad hire costs over $25000.  One in four polled estimated the cost closer to $50000.  Would you really want your Aunt Minnie's GI biopsy cut by someone who COULDN'T cut a few blocks under a little new-interview pressure?

An authoritative article on just this kind of interview can be read at www.fullstaff.org (A Histology Blog).

It's from Career Builders and gives a lot of impirical data to the value of gathering the most information before making that hiring decision...we'd love some feedback on the post.

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