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I may have missed this but does one fix the embryo again in Carnoy's or
whatever after it has been washed (assuming it was fixed in the first place)
I would think the initial para fixation would be enough and (again after
washing in aqueous solution) dehydrating it up to xylene/toluene/non-aqeous
solution before the paraffin steps.
If one did fix again, would it be washed in 50% EtOH, 70% EtOH, before the
Or is this what the NBF washes are for? I have never used NBF, except when
I tried to make Serra's with it, and yeah, that's not a good idea.  Always
use formalin, not NBF in Serra's or you'll get a lovely milky solution
that's not fit for fixing.


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On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 4:11 PM, Joseph Madary <patjnm <@t> gwumc.edu> wrote:

> If you can spare some nbf the best thing to do would be to place the oct
> block right into NBF and use that as the "wash" and then move onto a fresh
> change of NBF. I would avoid straight water. NBF has enough water in it to
> rinse off the NBF, 1 or 2 changee for 15 minutes each is more than enough
> and a safe bet.
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