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Cathy Crumpton cathy.crumpton <@t> tuality.org
Thu Jan 26 08:33:24 CST 2012

The last two times we interviewed a person we gave them a written skills test before they sat down for the face to face interview.  It had simple questions on it, like how to mix a percent solution, clean a formalin spill, which chemical was more hazardous than another, how to handle certain types of tissues, how to work computer applications, etc.  The test has 15 questions and has a section that includes them writing on a cassette and following written instructions on how to prep a non-gyn cytology.  This gave us a lot of skills information about the person and helped us weed out who was qualified.  You could tell quite a bit about their knowledge just from the written portion and people seemed less nervous when there wasn't a person hovering over them.  Our hospital sees this skills test as the equivalent of a typing test for transcriptionists.

Cathy Crumpton HT(ASCP), Lead Histotechnician

Tuality Community Hospital


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