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I wish there was a "like" icon to click for this response!  LOL!!  Seriously though, I know there is a need for the questions and I believe it doesn't hurt for a person to ask to 'show their skills'.  Histology is a specialized field and it takes 'special' people to get the job done.  Just my 2 cents. 

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My most hated question in interviews is "where do you see yourself in 5 years?"....answer - in your job asking stupid questions!

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> Not upset in the least. Just posting my own questions and doubts 
> within the parameters of the situation. When the Chinese philosopher 
> who fell asleep under a tree and dreamt he was a butterfly and then 
> spent the rest of his life "asking" if he was a human who fell asleep 
> under a tree and dreamt he was a butterfly or was really a butterfly 
> dreaming he was a human who fell asleep under a tree who........? 
> Wouldn't say he at all took offense to the situation; pondering, reflecting and just asking a question.
> Ray
> Seattle
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> Well I am sorry that you took such offense, but some jobs do have say 
> words/minute typing for example. I guess the variation in qualified 
> individuals leads me to not be upset to be asked to demonstrate tasks 
> within the assigned duties. I think maybe you have simplifed a bit 
> too. I think all those professions,such as attorneys have to do much 
> more than you indicate_sorry this upset you Sent from my Verizon 
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> This is certainly an interesting thread and I generally hate to get 
> into these ever but I still can't figure out one thing and never have 
> over all these years in pathology. What other endeavor in life and job 
> seeking is an on-the-spot demo that you can do something required at a job interview?
> Does a lawyer have to go into a courtroom for 5 minutes and show 
> he/she can say "I object"? Does a sanitation worker have to go round 
> the block once and show he/she can empty 9 cans in 5 minutes? Does a 
> doctor need to show he/she can use a stethoscope? Does a bricklayer 
> have to show he/she can lay 20 bricks in 2 minutes? Or fail the 
> interview? Does a med tech have to show they can stain 6 tubes with 
> CD4 and CD 8 and successfully put them on a flow cytometer? Does an 
> actuary have to show they can really add 100 4-digit numbers on a 
> calculator without a mistake? Does a grocery bagger boy /girl have to 
> show they can put x number of items in 3 bags? Does a Pathologist have 
> to show they know how to turn on a microscope and look through it? 
> Does a peanut counter have to show they can count peanuts? I just 
> can't get into my mind the necessity of someone having to cut to show 
> they can cut? What other profession does this at an interview? Now 
> certainly you can come up with scenarios where it might be important 
> to find out. A brand new histotech whose only cut 3 blocks in their 
> life. A tech from the deepest, darkest nether regions of the earth 
> where you cannot check on their background. But a tech whose has been 
> working cutting the last 3 or 7 or 15 years and you've verified with a 
> previous company that is exactly what they did; how will them cutting 
> for 10 minutes further stratify them into yes or no categories. If 2 
> potential techs cut and one finishes in 9 minutes and one in 10 
> minutes, is that a true qualifier or disqualifier of what they can do 
> cutting? There are a myriad of things I'd love to know and always ask; 
> personality, job knowledge, wants, desires, needs, ambitions, etc, 
> etc, etc. My blood pressure skyrockets when I give blood because I 
> HATE anyone sticking a needle in me. But I have a really needed blood 
> type. Should nervousness each time disqualify me. This still boggles my mind about what is being accomplished with cutting during an interview?
> Ray
> Seattle, WA
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> Love this! I always want to do demonstration during technical 
> interviews, but usually get "shot down" from managers and argued with 
> in general, as in people don't feel that they should have to "prove" they can do histology.
> This perception, I never got, because I always saw it as in a job 
> interview-in what other situation are you more trying to "prove" or 
> impress with your knowledge, attitude, skills and experience? If you 
> do bench work, you can tell in just a few minutes of observation much 
> more information than you could get with quite a few questions. To be 
> fair, I take into account nervousness, being closely observed, and 
> lack of familiarity with equipment etc. I don't know, I think its fair 
> if those are important skills to the position/role. Was not sure if 
> Sara's job was mostly technical though, so thought I might keep it general.
> Joelle Weaver MAOM, (HTL) ASCP
> http://www.linkedin.com/in/joelleweaver
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> > If your replacement will be doing actual histology, will your
> institution permit the applicant to embed and cut? Can you sit down at 
> a multi-head scope and review slides with them?
> > What will the person be responsible for? Do they have experience 
> > with
> all of these tasks? What would they do in a crisis situation (you can 
> make up one yourself that would be plausible).
> > People who volunteer in their personal lives, may do the same at work.
> Ask how they juggle their schedule though, if there is a lot going on 
> in their personal lives. Be careful with how you ask these questions though.
> Your HR department should be able to give you guidance in how to 
> phrase things.
> > Good luck.
> >
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> >
> > It would seem that questions like "How do you feel about cannibalism?"
> > might also be out but might be far more helpful; than "phone" questions.
> >
> >
> > On the serious side, when I was much younger I hired a person who 
> > was
> able to answer all the right "histo" questions and so I hired him. He 
> turned out to be a poser, who, shortly after I fired him showed up at 
> a local university with a lab coat that listed him as "Dr." He had 
> indeed worked in a histo lab, but as a lab assistant, and so the the 
> understanding of what a histologist does was well rehearsed. (BTW, it 
> topok me about two weeks to catch on, though the more experienced 
> techs in the department figured it out almost right away)
> >
> > To be fair, it was during a time in hiring history when HR 
> > departments
> were not willing to give useful reference data and there were only a 
> handful of questions they would even ask when checking. None of them 
> were particularly useful or telling. For inistance, they would not ask 
> if the person was an histo tech, but would simply ask, did he indeed 
> work at your institution?
> >
> > The place where I worked required little or nothing for proof of
> experience. There was no background check either.
> >
> > Today, however, reference checking is a lot easier and more reliable.
> >
> > I guess my point here is that a good reference check needs to be 
> > done as
> well weeding them out by histo questions. I'm sure your HR folks will 
> do a fine job of this.
> >
> > Also, once you have determined that they actually have the skills, 
> > or a
> realistic potential of gaining them, questions concerning dynamics of 
> interaction are appropriate, though may lead to wrong impressions in 
> the mind of the applicant.
> >
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> >
> > So far, I am TOTALLY impressed and so grateful for your suggestions.
> > And here's why... did I ever tell anyone out there what the FIRST 
> > question I was asked by the pathologist at my interview? It was.....
> > (wait for it....)
> >
> >
> >
> > "How do you feel about personal phone calls?". Un-freakin' believable.
> > I sure don't want someone to remember ME that way!!!
> >
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