[Histonet] Are there any CryoJane users out there who understand the quirks of the tape?

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Sat Jan 21 11:11:29 CST 2012

I use the tape transfer system.  What tissues are you trying to cut?  If you
are cutting soft tissues you should be using the 0.5 or 1x coated slides,
the 4x and above are for bone.

Have you tried putting your slides on a block of dryice after exposing them
to uv, let them sit for a while to get really cold, then carefully pull the
tape off while on the dryice I pull diagonally from corner to corner very
slowly and smoothly.  Cut the sections as thin as possible and do not press
hard on the tape rolled onto the block but I do press hard and roll the heck
of the tape on the coated slides, then expose to the uv 3 or 4 times before
removing the tape.

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Hello, Histonetters,

     To continue my (sad) string posts about CryoJane problems, we have now
switched to the 4X slides, and we still observe the tape pulling pieces of
the section off the slide. Sometimes the pieces are very small, sometimes
they are large, and at times a whole region of the section comes off with
the tape.

      We have now tried many different things to correct this:  1) pulling
the tape off the section in many different ways, 2) pulling tape off at
many different angles & speeds, 3) several different temperatures, 4) with
many different mental attitudes, 5) with sections of different thickness,
6) light rolling of tape and section versus ferocious rolling, etc., etc.
So far, no dice; we are puzzled.

      Does anyone have more ideas about what to adjust. We think that this
really should work, but at the same time, we can't seem to locate many
users of the CryoJane system. So, CryoJane enthusiasts, this is the time to
talk about why you like it, or how you do it.

                        thanks again   ---------------   Doug Burns, MBRF,
Kansas City
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