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In German-speaking Austria we have the advantage not to understand every
word of the songs. So it can happen, that we sing out loud lyrics, that we
never took in mouth in our mothertounge. Sometimes funny, and sometimes much
less stress. 

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I agree with what you say Andi.  Music is a great stress reliever as well.
Ive always let the group decide if they are all willing to tolerate other
kinds of music to be fair. I always ask them to try to keep it clean. Don't
want to offend 
With that being said. I myself have had to tone it down because I love me
some disco music:).  

Yes, ring my bell and shake your groove thing lol

Without further silliness. Music is great in the lab if you can get the
people to agree on compromise.if you have someone you know is very strict
and you know Katy perrys I kissed a girl song is going to send them over the
edge.  Don't do it. Let them use headphones. Because you wouldn't want
someone claiming harassment. 
Kim D
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AM, "Grantham, Andrea L - (algranth)" <algranth <@t>> wrote:

> Good Morning all,
> I have worked in labs where music was played and loved it. Music keeps you
going all morning and even in the mid-afternoon when you hit that "slump"
time. If it is not inappropriate music or loud enough to be distracting when
someone comes in with a question or when the phone rings I don't think it is
a problem.
> One of my pathologists always listened to conservative talk radio and
turned me on to it so being as how I'm lucky to usually be the only one in
my lab I've become a talk radio junkie when I'm not listening to a novel on
my iPod.
> Andi
> (I love my lab!)
>>> Greetings.
>>> I would like to know what other histology laboratories allow for music
>>> players while working.  Do you have formal policies about music content
>>> volume?  Do you allow lab space doors to remain closed to muffle the
>>> volume  of
>>> what is being played?  Are headsets allowed?
>>> I am a terrible judge of this because I personally prefer to work in a
>>> quiet environment.  I am trying to be open minded, as long as the work
>>> done.  However, one of the techs had a song playing today that I
>>> was
>>> inappropriate for general listening in the lab.  Am I just out  of
>>> Is that dang "F" word just something I'm going to have to learn  to
>>> Do you have a written policy?  When/how/why was it  implemented?
>>> I should mention that it's a small private lab, with minimal patient
>>> traffic.  We do see our share of FedEx, UPS, sales & service  reps.
>>> Your ideas on this is very much appreciated.
>>> Dorothy
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