[Histonet] Replys to multiple items

Stephen G. Ruby Sruby <@t> 4path.com
Wed Jan 18 09:33:18 CST 2012

1.       Photo microscopy.....if it's just for documentation, you may just be able to get by with taking a photo thru your ocular.  Try it by using a hand held digital camera with the focus set to "infinity" or "landscape mode".   It's trial and error, but if it works....then that is a really inexpensive option.

2.       Music in labs.    I have always had music and encourage it.  However, it must be music that ALL people can enjoy and has NO offensive material.  If you can't agree....then headsets or nothing.  BTW...if you use headsets, the policy should include that the volume must be such that the user MUST be able to hear and respond to spoken communication at all times.  It's a safety issue.

3.       Billing question.   Inappropriate to answer. You may be in violation of federal law to discuss pricing.  My only suggestion...look at the medicare reimbursement schedule which is public record. You can look it up on google.

Dr. R.

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