[Histonet] formalin managment--what about recycling?

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I am absolutely opposed to formalin recycling because the least you are exposed to formalin, the better.
When you buy specimen containers prefilled with formalin, your exposure is minimal.
If after that you start collecting the used formalin into larger containers and recycle it your exposure increases ddramatically.
The worst case scenario is recycling by distillation when, after the formalin is recycled, you have to check the pH and add the salts to neutralize it.
Any recycling method used involves that you will have to keep dealing with it while filling the specimen containers.
If there was a "stingy" histology manager that was me, BUT I never traded a few dollars savings for my staff safety.
There is no savings that can compensate for the dangerous exposure to formalin.
Use it the least, in the least amounts possible (2:1 is enough), in very well ventilated areas and pay somebody to take it away.
That is how I feel about it.
René J.

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Now I'm curious.  We all struggle with what is okay to go down the drain vs. what we're willing to put down the drain (I don't like dumping xylene substitues even when my water district says I can-- I like fish that swim right-side up! )
Can someone comment on the recycling programs out there for formalin and the costs vs. commercial waste haulers?  Is the end product worth the effort?

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