[Histonet] Digest users, please read

Theresa (Teri) Johnson TJohnson <@t> gnf.org
Mon Jan 9 14:19:33 CST 2012

I'm dying here.

Histonet users, if you have the digest open and want to reply to a post, please do the following if you click  "Reply":

Change the Subject from Re: Histonet Digest, Vol xx, Issue xx to Re: whatever subject you are responding to
Go to the body of the email, Highlight all the text here and delete it. This can be done by using Ctrl+A (Cmd+A for Mac) and then pressing the delete key.
Now type in your response and send.

You can also do what I do, find the post of interest in the body of the email you are responding to, then click on New email which opens in a new window. Address it to the histonet appropriately. In the subject line, type in Re: and then type in or copy/paste the subject you are addressing. In the body of the email, type to your heart's content and click send.

We digest users get bombarded with the same digests repeated over and over and it makes it very difficult to find the new topics.

Thanks for your help. The last couple have been ridiculous.

Teri Johnson, HT(ASCP)QIHC
GNF Histology Lab Manager
Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation

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