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Dr Richmond, 
                       You always please me with your replies. You are such a value to these forums. Let me, I'm sure for the thousant time tell you how much you are appreciated. 
You clearly understand "Quality" 
as most any Pathologist that Ive ever been subject to. 
As you know 10% review is the minumum
100%........... yep!~ Ive seen that.. what a marvel of respect did that get from little ole me
Yes, excessive, we both agree
I have to say though to Diana, that usually the Pathologist have thier own QA program that monitors thier work. Ive never seen anything different. Even the lone Path. 
Its always a good idea to communicate with them
They may already have the answer to your questions? 
Kim D


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Diana McCaig (where?) asks: "Is anyone willing to share with me their
quality assurance/management
program for pathologists?"

Glad to know you're in charge of pathologists. (Also glad I'm nearly
73 years old, though not yet retired.)

I've worked in a few programs that did a 10% review of cases. If you
go this route, don't choose the cases at random, but ask the
pathologists to designate the cases as they do the day's work -
they'll catch a lot more problems that way. I've worked in a single
practice that did 100% second-pathologist review (before the case was
released), and I thought that was excessive.

Pathologists should be encouraged to document their internal
consultations - I mean when you pass a slide to the guy at the next
microscope and ask him "from the ear of a 70 year old man - do you
think there's enough here to call this a basal cell carcinoma?" Such
cases should be documented in a comment - I say "Dr. John Doe has seen
this material and concurs." Such cases are legitimately considered
part of a 10% review policy. I've worked in one large and highly
competent practice that documented internal consultation very
meticulously, and one of their QA guidelines was that 2.8% of their
cases document internal consultation.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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