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We have a list, that can be filled with holiday-wishes. We arrange a special
date (for summer holidays e.g. in february) until then the wishes had to be
declared. If there are no troubles concerning the number of workers
simultanously off, the holidays are fixed. If there are troubles, we speak
about that in a meeting. 

We have no yearly rotation, but something like a generation-agreement.
Mummies with children in school or kindergarden have the first choice during
school-holidays. Co-workers without children or with older children are
usually happy, not to take vacancies at the same time.

So over the years, we were happy to reach an everybody-happy-state. Hope, it
will go on.

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Those of you who are supervisors, how do you handle your co-workers asking
for time off?  I have 2 employees that have asked off already (jan 3rd) for
every day they want off for the entire year!  Do you grant them the days off
since no one else has asked off yet, or tell them it's not fair to
continuously get off around every holiday by asking off  5 - 12 months in

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