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I totally agree with all the advice Toysha and Kim gave you. 

The cutting speed will come with time and experience. Even though in a clinical environment everybody seems to push speed, the quality of the slide should not suffer. My thoughts are, to take your time to produce good quality slides, do the best you can and the speed will follow. Overall it sounds like you are doing a pretty good job already for a new graduate. 


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I agree with Kim.  Actually, the speed you desire will come with time, practice and workflow adjustment. You are not far off from where you should be, about 30 blocks/hr. 40 would be great, but you just graduated and got a job.  It usually takes me about 2 wks to get adjusted to a new microtome and its quirks. By the end of next week, you should be closer to your goal. If you are really concerned go to the pathologist and the supervisor and have a chat.  Go over expectations for all sides and things will get better.
Calm down, and ask for help when needed. Take one thing at a time, cutting, workflow, etc. Do your best work, and everything will come as you need it. 

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My only advice to you Teresa is to take a deep breath, calm down and do the best you can. Dont take your eye off the specimen you are dealing with. It's someones life. You might hear people screaming about time, they need this, they need that. but You as a healthcare professional have the ONE most importnat task you really need to focus on, and thats making the best slide you can from each specimen you deal with. Focus on that, keep your chin up and know that you are doing the patients a service by being there doing good work while dealing with hard times. 
Best of wishes
Kim D

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I graduated from a histology program in June/11 and just got a job a week ago.? My speed on the microtome is not great.? Everyone says it takes time but I feel my technique may be wrong.? To make matters worse the only other histotech in the lab is going on vacation the third week of January and I will be alone!!!!! I don't have the overall flow of the lab down yet and have no idea how they expect me to handle the cutting all by myself.? My biggest concern is my cutting speed right now.? How long does it take
(approx) to do 40 blocks an hour.? Currently, I'm about half that!? I'm panicking and I've only been on the job 8 days.? Help!!!!!!!!!!!

Teresa Moore
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