[Histonet] Shiny Side of Paraffin Section

nmhisto <@t> comcast.net nmhisto <@t> comcast.net
Wed Feb 29 05:53:01 CST 2012

Okay, I can't stand this!  Although I  always make sure my ribbon is placed shiny-side-down on the water bath, sometimes the only section this poor ol' tech is able to get might land upside down.  In that case, I just tell the pathologist the turn the slide over on the 'scope.  Kinda like when they give me a piece of tissue that has to be stuffed into the base mold?  I have to wrap the section around the slide and I let them know they need to turn the slide on its side to see the edges of the tissue.  So far, that's helping to cut down on  the too-wide tissue sections . 

Aaaahhh...retirement!  I can sit here in the comfort of my own home and make snide remarks on Histonet at my leisure!  Cowabunga!  The Joy!  And I still have 18 days to go. 

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