[Histonet] Scope of Practice

Bharti Parihar bhartologist <@t> gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 15:52:25 CST 2012

Hello everyone! I am currently enrolled in an HT program through IUPUI and
am starting to send resumes out  as I encroach into the end of the program.
I asked my supervisor recently if there was a scope for this field in the
world of conservation?! She wasn't sure but recommended this site to me to
try to find any answers. It seems as though while biologists/zoologists
etc. are out there on the field studying the respective life form they do,
there would be a need for histology in there somewhere, but I don't really
know how that works in that realm. I'm only familiar with Clinical Labs
since that's all I've ever worked in. Any thoughts/ direction? I'd like to
get involved in that if possible. I'm looking for work in Calfornia,
specifically the bay area if possible. But as long as I can take the BART
to where it is that's fine with me also. I wanna make driving to work the
last resort, but ya know, gotta work and pay the bills so, if I have to
drive, so be it. Thanks ahead of time to those that can shed light on this
subject matter for me!!!
       Bharti Parihar

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