[Histonet] While on the topic of harmful chemicals...

Ingles Claire CIngles <@t> uwhealth.org
Thu Feb 23 22:10:08 CST 2012

I have been having some health issues lately (understatement) Does anyone know the best formalin resistant disposable gloves? I gross (skin only) under a fume hood but the gloves still come in contact with formalin naturally. I am also (OK, mostly) interested in the health effects involving formalin, Propar, and the alcohols as they pertain to the liver. (No guys, I mean REAGENT alcohols, not the ingestable kind.) :)
Any direction I can be pointed in would be great. I am praying I won't have to find a creative way of practicing my beloved career because  these chemicals are causing or making worse my health problems.

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