[Histonet] Re-send Darker &/or granular hematoxylin staining (no photo)

mohamed abd el razik k84as <@t> yahoo.com
Thu Feb 9 15:59:39 CST 2012

I think these granules are of insoluble hematoxylin or preceptated hematoxylin granules
a had these condition 2 years ago and resolved it by prepairing new one.
hope these could help
Mohamed Abd el Razik
Ass. Lec. of veterinary histology
Cairo University- Egypt

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Subject: [Histonet] Re-send Darker &/or granular hematoxylin staining (no photo)

Hello my colleagues,

Any input will be much appreciated - what can cause darker and/or granular
hematoxylin staining on the goblet cells (mucin areas) of certain GI
biopsies while on other similar GIs in the very same rack of slides, they
stain water clear which is the preferred outcome.

I use regressive H&E staining using Sigma Aldrich Harris hemtoxylin &
standard 1% Acid alcohol (hydrocholric acid).

I tried stronger acid for differentiation, cut thinner, longer time in
acid differentiation, less hematoxylin time, to try to get the mucin
staining as minimal as possible but I can't seem to eliminate the darker
&/or more granular staining on some GIs.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have!

Rolly Perez, HT(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
MedSurg Pathology Associates, Inc.

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