[Histonet] source for plus slides and labels

Bass, Caroline cebass <@t> buffalo.edu
Fri Aug 24 10:34:12 CDT 2012

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to buy super frost plus slides (or color frost) for adhering brain sections. Fisher is very confusing on this, and I don't really remember buying slides for $1 each. Can someone recommend a source for plus slides that is cheaper?

Also, I just started using labels for my rather low throughput immunos, I have a brady tls pclink printer, and the labels print well, but they didn't hold up to the xylenes. Can someone recommend a label for this printer? Any real world experience? Our protocol calls for overnight in xylenes. 

Finally, any recommendation on mounting media? I've always used per mount, but a lot of folks seem to be using xylenes free media. I'm doing mostly DAB immunos, so any advice is appreciate!


Caroline Bass

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