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Yes I can see how that would be easier for the Pathologist. Also you certainly fall into "need to know". HIPPA applies for information when it gets electronically transmitted, so not so much the physical slide would be my assumption. Some places just want to be very cautious I guess, and are concerned about associating the name with the number, though you would still need to find a way to access anymore information in the system or papers. I am not saying I agree with this interpretation necessarily, just that is what I have experienced so far, perhaps it is overkill?  I know that one issue I see is that when people see a name of someone they think they know in the lab itself, it makes them much more curious and they are tempted to look them up- a friend, neighbor, co-worker. Of course most LIS audit for this, but not only is this very offensive when you hear this person's information reported and discussed out in the lab, it is one of the reasons I support HIPPA generally despite its burdens. And also why I try never to have my own specimens go to a lab I am working at or know anyone.  I realize barcodes are not helpful to people doing handling unfortunately, but they do  help avoid transcription errors, offer an additional layer to disguise the information from those who don't need it and might be overly curious,  and allow tracking for workflow- but many people still prefer human-manual labeling methods.  

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> If a pathologist end-user may make an observation here:
> When I pick up a slide and look to match it with the paperwork in
> front of me, it's a great help if the patient's name is on the slide,
> since names are always easier to read than numbers. Having the
> patient's name on the slide means I'm less likely to mix up two cases.
> I can't do that with a bar code or a second essentially meaningless
> number.
> This may however be a situation where good patient care must take a
> back seat to good management practice and good regulator compliance.
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