[Histonet] proliferation and apoptosis

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I agree with Jackie, we use Ki-67 all of the time and I have never seen it stain apoptotic cells, could you possibly be dealing with some background staining due to the detection system used?  I do not know what type of samples you are staining?  We have 4 different Ki-67 antibodies we use depending upon the type of tissue we are staining.  For human xenograft samples in a mouse background we use the rabbit polyclonal from Santa Cruz.  We also use cleaved caspase 3 as a marker of apoptosis routinely.


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Ki67 does not stain apoptotic cells. Why do you have that impression?  Caspase-3 is a great marker for apoptotic cells. TUNEL will show apoptosis as well as necrosis, but not proliferation.   I've used Ki67 for proliferation  and Caspase 3 for apoptosis routinely in cancer research for years.


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Hi histonetters,

I am looking for the good markers to detect (separately) proliferation and
apoptosis of cells in tumor sections. Unfortunately, KI-67 stains apoptotic
bodies as well as proliferated cells; and the tunnel assay shows both apoptotic
body and proliferation.

Any suggestions for the FFPE tissue and the HRP protocol are appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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