[Histonet] Unregistered HT testing

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Hi Nicole,
     I am going to have to disagree with you on this one. Doing both
regularly, I find IHC to be almost routine in comparison to some of the
more complicated special stains. Specials depend on a good understanding of
the chemistry involved and being able to make minor adjustments to get the
perfect reaction. Consider when the last time you had to differentiate an
IHC reaction... never. While it is commonplace in VVG, LFB and many other
stains. I'm certainly not saying IHC is not complicated but one should
never become complacent with those lowly specials.
     Regarding automation, sure anyone can load a slide onto a stainer and
press go. That is not the point though. Automation should only mimic what
you would do with your hands. Once we loose sight of that and let the
computers outsmart us, we might as well be replaced by them. The instrument
puts the periodic acid on first then the Schiff's reagent not because the
computer told it to, but because I told the computer to tell the instrument
to. Just like when driving a car you still need to pay attention to the
road. When you loose sight of who is in control you will hit a deer and
have a really bad day.

Have a great day,
(and don't kill any deer)

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> Hello everyone!
> I'm just curious to know if anyone is allowing unregistered HT's to do
> special stains in their CAP accredited lab?  I have been involved in
> discussions regarding high complexity testing.  From the feedback I have
> received, special stains and IHC stains are considered high complexity
> testing.  I beg to disagree.  I can understand IHC/ISH as high complexity
> but I don't think routine special stains fall under that category.  I'd
> appreciate any feedback or literature you can reference for me to review.
>  Thank you!
> Nicole Anne Konop BS, HTL(ASCP)

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