[Histonet] Question about Leica TP1020 and its tissue basket holders

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When you rotate the tissue basket holder to the 1st formalin, it prevents someone from forgetting to do that when they start the processor later.  If it doesn't get rotated, the unprocessed tissues will drop right down into paraffin.  It just must be rotated either at the end of a run (which is what we do to make sure it gets done) or at the beginning of a run.  It will not change the outcome of the next run.  Always inspect the location of the "gray" basket before starting a run.

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Hello everyone. In my laboratory we have an old version of the Leica TP1020 tissue processor. My question is this. My supervisor told me that after the machine finished processing the tissues on the next day, the tissue basket was going to be in the last container which is going to be the second container with paraffin wax. She told me that after removing the tissue basket from the machine I had to rotate the tissue basket holder to it's first station by pushing the the 'circle arrow' in the control panel which is the first formalin container. In this machine the tissue basket holder of both of the formalin containers are gray and the rest are black. (not sure ALL of them are black but I know that the ones that are for the paraffin containers are black).

I want to know if this is correct because when I go to the instruction manuals and I go the "Removing the specimens" chapter it says

* Lift the carousel.
* Allow for the tissue basket to drain in that position.
* Lift the tissue basket slightly with your hand and pull it out of the basket holder in a horizontal movement.
* Lower the carousel.

I got this manual online and its for the most recent Leica TP1020 machine but it is still the same model. It doesnt says to rotate the tissue basket holder to it's first station

When I put the tissue basket with new tissues I placed it in the first station which is the first container of formalin, but what I don't remember if  today I rotated the gray lid so it could be on top of the formalin container. I think I did it in the morning but now I have my doubts. I have always followed my supervisors instructions, what she told me makes sense but I want to be sure if the processing cycle is going to be interrupted or steps are going to be skipped if I don't return the "gray" tissue basket holders to the formalin containers, and just leave it like the machine left it after it finished the processing cycle. If you still placed the tissue basket in the first formalin container would you still have issues or is the machine going to follow the steps in order?

Thanks. I hope I do not sound confusing.
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