[Histonet] Problems with Frozen tissues

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I perform Mohs which is a frozen section procedure. There are a couple of
things that could help you. You do not have to leave the slides out to
airdry for an H&E only do this is a specfic procedure requires it. Do not
places slides strait into water. As Kim, stated some people use a fixative
prior to staining. I place slides into 95% alcohol and then they are
rinsed. The next thing to consider is how thick you are cutting the
tissue. It can be difficult to keep thick, fatty, or tissue with alot of
cartiladge on the slide. So cut as thin as possible. Ok next is the oct or
mounting media ur using. In between each section you should wipe the oct.
OCT is water solauble. If the tissue is placed over OCT on the slide it
will definitly wash off. So if you are trying to put multiple sctions on a
slide, Place enough room between them so the tissue is directly placed on
the clean surface of the charged slide, or wipe excess oct in between
sections. Last note. If you have automatic stainer and it has an aggitate
function.Turn it off. Stain the slides as gently as possible.

Hope this helps,
Nicole Tatum HT ASCP

 Ive never just air dried my frozen sections. always put them in a fixative
> such as pen fix, a alcohol and or formalin mixture, something( depends on
> what your going to look for, test etc). That with using charged slides and
> never had too many problems with this.
> Kim
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> Subject: [Histonet] Problems with Frozen tissues
> I'm looking for some advice on frozen tissues. This is the first time I'm
> doing it. All the tissues: skin, lungs, spleen, liver, and pancreas cut
> well onto special Gold Plus slides from Fisher. Then, when I was ready to
> stain the slides, i air dried them fro an hour and wanted to do H&E and
> Beta-Gal, all the tissues fell off slides. Can anyone suggest any tips on
> preventing this mischief?
> Thank you in advance.
> Igor Deyneko
> Infinity Pharmaceuticals
> Cambridge, MA
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