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The word "xylenes" in a "pure" xylene bottle means it contains a mixture of ORTHO-;  META-;  and PARA-xylene (3 different xylene molecular configurations), hence the title "xylenes".
After you distill your used xylene, you will probably end with a very similar proportion of the 3 molecules and it will be "xylenes" also.
René J.

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Very true because if you notice the label on a purchased bottle of xylene it says "Xylenes". Your recycled product should be pure xylene and thus a higher purity than what you started with.

Our lab has been recycling since the mid '90's. We no longer process with xylene but we still have it in the lab for various things.

Hope this helps.

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If you are using a good "cracking" recycling instrument the recycled xylene = 100% xylene and there cannot be any differences in behavior against "pure-unused-mew" xylene. That is what I always found for more than 15 years.
>René J.
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>Hello in Histo land.
>  I know it is a subject brought up over and over again but I need to
>get the opinion of my fellow Histo techs on processing tissue with
>recycled Xylene.  Yes I know it saves money and is better for the earth,
>but is the quality of the tissue the same??? Coverslipping and clearing
>slides with it I can see being ok, but processing with it??? It is not
>100% after recycling.  I could use any thought on the subject. 
>Thanks in advance
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