[Histonet] Re: modified Gallyas stain for microglia

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Sat May 14 15:10:00 CDT 2011

Tyrone Genade asks:

> I'm using the modified silver stain of Gallyas (J. Neurosci. Methods
> 50:159--164, 1993) for microglia. It didn't work first time round so
> I'm doing some trouble shooting. My main concern is the shelf life of
> the potassium ferroscyanide solution (1 g K3Fe(CN)6 + 0.1 mL H2SO4 per
> 100 mL). It is now a nice green color and looks a bit darker than
> yesterday. Anyone know for how long this solution is good?

The spelling "ferroscyanide" doesn't exactly inspire confidence - do
you mean "ferricyanide"?

John Kiernan did a very nice review of Gallyas stains (of which there
are apparently several) on Histonet about three years ago. See

John Kiernan describes these methods as quite difficult. I have no
experience with them.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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