[Histonet] CD79 alpha dilemma

Farish, Craig CFarish <@t> csu.edu.au
Thu May 12 20:35:17 CDT 2011

Hi folks - has anyone out there found a Cd79α clone and supplier which will cover multiple species reliably?
I can find clones which will stain cats and dogs (and humans), and clones which will cover horses, pigs, cows and primates (and humans, but not opossums for some reason??) but i'm yet to find one which will cross-react with both the large and small animals commonly encountered in a vet lab. I would rather not have to stock 2 versions of the same antibody if I can avoid it.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
As always, thanks to everyone who contributes to histonet,

Craig Farish
Senior Technical Officer
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Charles Sturt University
Boorooma Street
Wagga Wagga
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