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Here you can find an assay about formalin fixation. On page 851 there is a
description of nuclear and cytoplasmic bubbling found few minutes after
addition of formaldehyd-solution to cultured cells.

My interpretation is, that too short fixation makes the bubbling visible in
the tissue slides. And that after adequate duration of fixation the bubbles
are gone somehow.

What do you think?


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Has anyone one had problems with nuclear bubbling?  I have read about
two different causes.  (1) Formalin itself is known to cause the issue
and (2) heating the tissue at a high temp (70 degrees C or above) while
drying.  The latter is definitely not happening, but I do use formalin.
I am in the process of changing the type of formalin that is used during
collection.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?  Has this problem
occurred for any other reason than I have already pointed out?  It seems
to be worse in the surgical needle biopsies than in the bone marrow


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