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Currently we have too few schools and not enough slots in the schools we have for Histology to grow ans educate people properly.  It is hard to tell if the ASCP and NSH are just unaware of the issues or not interested as we see schools close and career days at NSH for high school students yet no real action.   They need to assist what many of us are doing now - OJT with people who have the AA or AS degree and hope they stay in the field.  The majority of people I meet and tell what I do have no idea that the field of Histology exists or how important it can be to a patient having surgery and awaiting a diagnosis.  

I currently have two people we are training as we can't find qualified people here and at least they are the best we could find.  The second issue is pay and the fact that any Histology area controlled by Clinical Laboratory is in an uphill battle to get salaries raised as the CP people all seem to feel if you don't have a BS you can't rate better pay.  I do realize we have many  MTs in Histology and they usually great for us.  It is the management that cannot get by the requirements to help us go forward.  They should look at the fact many of the Histologist now working will retire in the next ten years and then where will they be in finding people for this field? 

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Yvette asks: 

>>Is anybody hiring techs without a certification?<< 

Is anybody hiring techs WITH a certification? With a coming 
retirement, the two labs I'm working in now will have NO certified 
histotechs (total of four workers) - all OJT's . Some of them probably 
have the educational qualifications to sit the exam, but management 
isn't very sympathetic - I'll have to buy them a copy of the 3rd 
edition of Freida Carson's book, for starters. 

Bob Richmond 
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