[Histonet] to microwave or not to microwave

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Dr. Sendelbach,

We had a microwave processor in the past, and switched back to a routine shortened biopsy run for several reasons.  It is possible that the technology since then has improved to where you would not experience issues.  However, microwave processing usually carries additional regulations (such as CAP for non-vented systems) and some machines require a lot of tech time to maintain.  Most of the reagents suggested/sold for use with the microwave processors are alcohol or acetone based, which seemed to decrease the quality of our staining and sectioning.  We have a shortened routine biopsy run on a vacuum processor that seems to do the job in the same amount of time with less additional maintenance and without the alcohol-fixed appearance in the tissue.

Thank you,
Ann Lowder, HT(ASCP)

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We are evaluating rapid tissue processing instruments. I would appreciate any comments about microwave tissue process and rapid non microwave tissue process. Peloris II, STP 420ES and  Milestone Pathos come to mind. Also, is there anyone who switched from microwave processing to rapid non microwave tissue processing?
Thank you,
Dr. Sendelbach
Appleton Medical Center
Appleton Wisconsin

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