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Wed Mar 16 16:36:00 CDT 2011

We seem to be constantly battling this as well. We have found that the quality of the ethanol used in processing and staining can be an issue. We now purchase ours from a company at www.UltraPure.com. The quality of the DI or distilled water being used can also be an issue. We are currently in the process of getting off of our lab building DI water, and purchasing a Elix Advantage Purification system from Millipore. We also found that the type of Eosin can make a big difference. We have recently changed to Eosin from Anatech, and this gives us a very good end product with our Hematoxylin that we still make from scratch--yes we still make our own:)
 However, the best results we get are when we do not use the DI water that comes from our buildings water system. That is why we are working hard to get our dept our own purification system. It is a very long story how we have come to this decision. But checking into your water supply and the quality of it would be very worthwhile.
 Very few people realize or understand the importance of water quality for the histology lab. 
Good luck
amysue ruppert

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