[Histonet] CONTROLS

Sheila Fonner sfonner <@t> labpath.com
Wed Mar 16 08:51:49 CDT 2011

Hello everyone,


I have an issue that I would like some help with.  We are currently running
SMM-HC and E-Cad on Breast cores and specimens from a derm lab.  With the
regulations being so strict regarding the processing times of breast
specimens, how are you all dealing with that when it comes to your control


We have to acquire breast tissue from outside sources to use for control,
but it is very hard to get it within that 24-72 hour processing time since
many hospitals will not release any tissue until the case has been signed


Does anyone have any wonderful ideas on how to handle that?  I would really
appreciate it! Thanks histonetters.



Knoxville Dermatopathology Lab

Knoxville, TN



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