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   I do not melt dry my cut control slides until i need to use them,   i  do store them in boxes at 4c, i have recently run into this problem
      them in th


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   We  dry  the  control  slide at the same time tha   being
   stained,  since  controls  are  supposed  to  be han   manner as
   the test tissue. That being said, I guess if    that rule, we would cut the control on the same    sample. :-)
   "Other people say that, after   they  dry  the  slide,  they  dip  the slide in paraffin, to cover the
   tissu   so
   that  the  air  doesn't touch the tissue during the months before   slide
   used in a stain."
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   Subject: Re: [Histone   I've  noticed  that  our  spirochete  control  slides do   intense
   starting about 3 months after they are sectioned,    staining by about 6 months. (This is with a silver s   I've  talked  with  other  histotechs, and they say they've seen    same
   phenomenon with AFB and Gram controls. (We use ours up too qui   we
   never  have  6-12  months  old  control slides for these, so I can   attest
   this. )
   Bancroft's  book  talks  about  this  phenome   suggests
   oxidation of the tissue (protein   cause.
   I'm  guessing  the  it  prob   control
   slides, too.
   We  only  cut  enough slides for 6 months, and date them. Other people
   put their cut control slides in a slide box with a lid after dryi   and
   then place the box in the refrig, as cold slows down the che   change,
   and  the  lid  keeps  the moving air off the slide. Other    that,
   they  dry  the  slide,  they dip the slide in par   tissue,
   that  the  air  doesn't touch the tissue   slide
   used in a stain. Just 3 sugge   Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
   Beaumont   Royal Oak, MI 48073
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   >  they  are  cut?  We have spirochetes for our Stei   2007
   > we are having issues.
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