[Histonet] celloidin tissue staining

Crystal Verdick cverdick <@t> slu.edu
Thu Mar 10 10:27:07 CST 2011

I am currently working with 30-40 year old celloidin embedded tissue
that I have sectioned myself. I have used a myelin stain of a modified
Weigert's and am trying to get a Nissl stain to work with no luck.

The 40 micron sections are being kept in 70% etoh in individual series
jars. Weigert's stain works perfectly however when I attempt to stain
for Nissl substance the sections turn out blotchy, uneven and faded as
if the background is the only thing that is holding the stain. I have
tried soaking the sections in 50% etoh for at least an hour before
going into dH20 for 2 hours up to 2 days. Nothing has worked. Does
anyone have any ideas that might help? Something to dissolve a
possible mordant? My only other option is to dissolve the celloidin in
a 50/50 mixture of absolute etoh and ether which could damage the
tissue/structures within.

Crystal V.
Saint Louis University
Center for Anatomical Science Education

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