[Histonet] DAKO Artisan Kit Issues

mizlyght <@t> frontier.com mizlyght <@t> frontier.com
Mon Mar 7 13:52:15 CST 2011

Fellow Histologists:

This is my first time using Histonet but I need to ask if anyone has started having problems with their DAKO Artisan kits recently? We have started having leaking kits for Gram Lot # 10043062 and Expiration Date 4/30/2011, and plunger issues with the Iron Lot # 10047616 Expiration Date 10/31/2011. We have also found that the GMS kits Lot # 10049354 and Expiration 11/30/2011 we have received in the last two shipments are from the same lot but they do not work with our validated protocol. 
What is strange is that the previous GMS kit worked on the same control that we are using now, but does not work with the new kit, but when stained with PAS-Fungus we see the same fungus as we saw with the previous GMS kit. I think it could be something with the shipping method but wanted to see if anyone else has seen a difference.


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