[Histonet] Hematology stainers

Joanne Clark jclark <@t> pcnm.com
Mon Jan 31 12:44:28 CST 2011

Hi Histonetters, do any of you out there stain the peripheral, aspirate
and touch prep slides of bone marrows in the histo lab?  If you do, do
any of you use an automated stainer and if so, what kind of stainers are
being used?  I have quotes for a Wescor Aeorspray Stat Slide stainer, a
QuickSlide Plus Automated stainer and a Hematek 2000.  If anyone has had
experience good or bad for any of these stainers I would love to get
your feedback.



Joanne Clark, HT

Histology Supervisor

Pathology Consultants of New Mexico

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