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Fri Jan 28 13:05:02 CST 2011

Gilson - whoever he may have been - the name is probably French,
pronounced zheelSAW - apparently published both mercury and zinc forms
of the fixative, more than a century ago. My source is the venerable
Microtomist's Vade-Mecum, 11th ed. 1950, pages 40 and 43.

The mercury formula can be conveniently accessed at

Is there enough nitric acid in the brew to interfere with IHC?

The zinc formula uses

glacial acetic acid 5 mL
80% nitric acid 5 mL
80% alcohol 100 mL
distilled water 300 mL
"dry zinc chloride" 20 grams

Published by Gilson in La Cellule, vi, 1890, page 122.

Petrunkevitch's fixative is closely related, both historically and in

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