[Histonet] Myocardial Biopsies

Jeffery.Miller <@t> spectrum-health.org Jeffery.Miller <@t> spectrum-health.org
Thu Jan 20 11:05:45 CST 2011

My hospital has recently started performing heart transplants and we are now receiving numerous myocardial biopsies to check for rejection. One of our forensic pathologists is an expert in cardiovascular pathology and has read many biopsies over the years for other hospitals. His protocol for cutting these biopsies is very labor intensive (10 slides with 8 serial sections on each slide, some stained with H&E others kept unstained and 2 for C4d immunos).  I'm curious to know what other labs are doing for these biopsies in hopes of getting this protocol changes.

Thanks for your help

Jeff Miller
Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids. MI

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